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Jaime Zea

26th, July 1981

Cádiz, Spain

Nutritionist, Naturopath, Biohacker
& Founder of Nutritionist Consultation

In order to learn how to overcome and live with health issues since early ages like hormonal imbalances, overweight, chronic injuries, chronic stress and anxiety, I started to be my own Guinea pig and tried hundreds of remedies (natural and not-so-natural) on myself and did heavy research during the years to improve my health. My biggest frustration was the fact that doctors couldn't help me with most of my health issues as there's a limit to what modern medicine can do for you (that's also when traditional medicine becomes more relevant).
Eventually, what started as a need became a hobby and a passion: As I was more and more interested in nutrition, fitness and improving my health, I decided to privately study Nutrition & Dietetics while working in a Sports Nutrition company in Spain as a part-timer to start my journey in this amazing universe.
Many years after, working in London as a Health Advisor in a well-known reputable company nowadays, professionally qualified and registered as a practitioner in the UK, merging a background of Sports Nutrition with Classic Nutrition and Naturopathy/Holistic medicine for a very unique approach to healing and health enhancement through dietary adjustment, biohacks and a combination of hybrid and non-hybrid remedies for a full-spectrum knock-down treatment/fast-paced body recondition/detox or improving performance in any areas of the body and mind, my method will help you reach your goals, unlock your full potential and get in your ideal physique as well as revert/slow down the signs of age, boost your immune system dramatically, speed up recovery times, reduce the side effects of medication and regain your hormonal balance.


One-of-a-kind Approach


Life is not made for counting calories or not enjoying the food that we eat.
The classic approach of a nutritionist, or even a pure naturopath, will always have 1 perspective only, something that is utterly wrong in my opinion.
It's presupposed that a flexible and adaptable mindset based on experience and the single approach of every field combined is the most appropriated for any health-related goal in a world with many relative facts, uncertain science, misleading information and misunderstood concepts.
After years of working in the business and studying the different fields of classic nutrition, sports nutrition, functional medicine, holistic medicine/naturopathy and bio-hacking, I've concluded that a total approach based on taking the good things from every field is simply unmatched by any other single-perspective prospects.
Limiting our posibilities to one book or one philosophy is limiting our health and our wellbeing in a territory that doesn't know of limits unless imposed. There's certainly useful knowledge everywhere and cases for everything.
It's logical to think that the most efficient way to address any health issue, enhance our health or achieve our goals will always be 'attacking' the issue with all of our might, from every possible angle and studying every case in its uniqueness.
In a World of colours and shades, the viewpoint can never be black and white.
That's the foundation of my approach.