Getting ready for the Summer

The hot weather approaches and so does the lift of lockdown restrictions.

We are about to be able to resume our normal lives soon. That implies going out more, resuming physical activities, exposing ourselves to more social interaction, and challenge our bodies after a long period of lockdown.

But, how ready for this summer are we? 

That will mostly depend on what we've been doing during the lockdown, what's our current health status and how we prepare for the

'new' lifestyle.




Nutrient Timing applied to the workout

April 12, 2021

A lot of people ask me when/what should we eat when working out in order to recover properly.

Wether we're talking about pre or post-workout, it really depends on your goal (body building, weight-loss, cardio, detox, injury rehab...).
Timing is definitely important when it comes to nutrient intake in order to perform our best and allow our bodies to recover efficiently. But, is it really that important? And also, what role does the Anabolic Window plays and how relevant is it really?
Apart from knowing what we should eat, in order to maximize our performance and recover from any activity it's key to know when we should eat and when we shouldn't, so we don't waste our precious time and yield the best results.
Check the article I've just published in the blog section where I touch some of these issues.

"A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge profits is not a real society but a huge mental asylum"

Alfredo Bowman (aka Dr. Sebi)


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